Short Stories



Smokey is a cat who shares a house with his look-alike brother, Bandit, and their human, Josh Rivers.  The cats are content to allow Josh to believe he's in charge as long as the food dishes are filled and the litter boxes cleaned.  Josh is a Private Investigator in South Florida with a tough case to crack—capture a burglar who torches houses after cleaning out the valuables.    When their home comes under attack, Smokey knows it's up to him to protect them.  He can expect little support from his cowardly brother, and Josh is ... well, he's just a human.



A father's anguish over the disappearance of his fifteen-year-old daughter turns to plans of revenge when he discovers she's been seriously injured in an automobile accident. He can't believe she would run away, so she must have been kidnapped. During her absence, he learns things about her and about himself no Dad should have to face.



Santa has no tolerance for vandalism, especially when it hinders children enjoying themselves.  So when the swings in the park in Cisco, TX are vandalized, Santa sends his best to investigate.  Jingle is faced with the dilemma of determining who should be switched from the nice list to the naughty list.


P.I. Tom Roberts is approached by a seasoned citizen, which he doesn’t find unusual in South Florida where they form such a large segment of the population.  But, when she asks, "Do you follow husbands and catch them having sex with hussies that drag them off to their bedrooms?" he blinks.

It’s not Tom’s favorite idea of a case, but his bank account

demands he take it.  Little does he know he will soon be immersed in murder and learn more than he wants to know about blue pills.



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